Sony Electronics announces a 4K 60p Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with AI-based auto framing

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Sony’s BRC-AM7, a 4K 60p pan-tilt-zoom camera with AI-based Auto Framing and an integrated lens.

Sony Electronics released the  4K 60p pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) flagship camera model with an integrated lens, the BRC-AM7,  incorporating PTZ Auto Framing technology and AI technology for advanced recognition, for video production for broadcast, live events, and sports productions.

The BRC-AM7 is also Sony’s smallest and lightest integrated lens PTZ camera, measuring 168.7mm in width (approximately 6.64 inches), 225.2mm in height (roughly 8.87 inches), and 192.3mm in depth (about 7.57 inches), with a weight of about 3.7kg (approximately 8.16 pounds). The size and weight promote greater freedom including increased installation flexibility, broader accessibility in challenging locations, and more vantage points. The BRC-AM7 also works effortlessly alongside Sony’s professional camera ecosystem, providing compatibility and seamless color matching.

“The BRC-AM7 enhances Sony’s rich legacy of PTZ cameras renowned for their image quality and reinforces Sony’s connected ecosystem of solutions,” said Kento Sayama, deputy vice president, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics. “We recently incorporated AI-based auto-tracking and Auto Framing technology into our models and the feedback was tremendous. The camera’s ability to consistently track and frame talent will provide production efficiencies by taking time and guess work out of creating content while providing high production values.”

The BRC-AM7 is planned to be available in early 2025.