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Snap launches Spectacles 2 New Products 

Snap launches Spectacles 2

Snap is trying the hardware business again, with the launch of Spectacles 2.0, an update of first-generation camera-enabled social glasses. The first version generated a lot of buzz, especially with Snap’s use of event and experiential marketing, but not a lot of sales, resulting in a $40 million write-down. Available in Ruby, Onyx and Sapphire colors, the $149.99 Spectacles 2.0 are... Read More
Analysis: What is up with Snap? Opinion 

Analysis: What is up with Snap?

Snap, the company, is an enigma. The company’s AR-powered social network/camera app is a phenomenon, yet the company itself isn’t turning heads. According to CNBC, Snap is laying off 100 engineers, accounting for 10 percent of the team. Not a great sign for an innovation-driven company. Previously, Snap has had layoffs in marketing, recruitment and content divisions. The news comes... Read More
Snap reports earnings, stock price plummets, redesign on the way Earnings reports News Opinion 

Snap reports earnings, stock price plummets, redesign on the way

Snap’s road to profitability hits bump as Spectacle sales stall Snapchat app and Spectacles maker Snap Inc. still hasn’t told a story Wall Street  wants to hear, as the stock dropped 15 percent after the company reported disappointing third-quarter results (shown below). Snap revenue was up 62 percent to $207 million in the third quarter but losses mounted faster: $443 million... Read More
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