TIPA recognizes CEWE retail system, WhiteWall among awards

CEWE Fotocenter

The Technical Image Press Awards (TIPA) were recently announced, showcasing winners in 40 categories, including cameras and lenses, papers and printers, imaging software, still and video accessories, lighting, monitors, and more. The camera gear awards are widely covered, so we thought we’d look at a few of the output-related recognitions.

CEWE won two awards: For the Wall Calendar A2 Gold Edition as “Best Photo Service Worldwide” and the CEWE Fotocenter as “Best Retail Finishing System Worldwide.”

“We are very pleased to have received two TIPA World Awards this year,” says Thomas Mehls, CEO at CEWE. “The CEWE Fotocenter and the A2 wall calendar in the Gold Edition impress both our customers and the renowned jury. While the photo center offers a wide range of different products directly at the POS and invites you to design them individually and, above all, to be easy to use, our wall calendar A2 Gold Edition shows off twelve different pictures in a stylish manner over a large area and in conjunction with the golden finishing elements. The fact that we have already won a total of six TIPA World Awards over the years encourages us to continue to focus on and drive forward the further and new development of our products with great enthusiasm for innovation.”

The CEWE Fotocenter is the extended version of the CEWE photo station, at which customers in drugstores, specialty stores and food retailers can have their instant photos printed out directly on high-quality photo paper. The key element of the CEWE center is the central printing station, offering customers an expanded product portfolio so that larger formats can also be printed out directly. In addition, premium products such as poster and canvas prints, greeting cards, calendars, stickers or even photo mugs can be created directly at the POS and then taken away. The unit has a completely contactless operation.

CEWE Wall calendar A2 Gold Edition

The CEWE photo calendar is available in portrait or landscape format and is printed on high-quality, matt paper with a low-reflection surface. The special thing about it is there are various designs with gold finishing to choose from, which create an elegant impression and a tactile experience on the cover and the monthly pages. The calendar can be designed easily and flexibly using the ordering software.

Another CEWE business unit, WhiteWall, was recognized as “Best Photo Lab” for the fourth time. After wins in 2013, 2017, and 2020, the lab was recognized this year for its innovative WhiteWall RoomView technology. The specially developed WhiteWall RoomView makes it possible for customers to visualize their own photographs on the walls before buying, indicating ideal placement, size and framing.